"Hubcap City"
written by Deacon Lunchbox
Bill: I made my house out of a silver shark 
Will: Gate
Bill: and I got really good at doin' nothin'
Will: All day
Bill: I had a girlfriend she analyzed my
Will: Dreams
Bill: If I stole her pop tarts out of the vending
Will: Machine
Bill: I miss that girl she took good care of my
Will: Goat
Bill: After a while dogs ripped open its 
Will: Throat
Bill: I'm such a mess these days i want to 
Will: Disappear
Bill: like the red tail lights in my rearview
Will: Mirror
chorus: (Bill: Take me back to
Will: Hubcap City
Bill: Down on the banks of
Will: the Mississippi!
Bill: We lived in the swamps by
Will: (unintelligible) farm
Bill: and we sold hubcaps to the
Will: national guard)
Bill: one december we made a christmas
Will: tree
Bill: out of croquet mallets and tubes of
Will: PVC
Bill: We got intercoursed up on bottles of panther
Will: piss
Bill: and when the sun came up she punched me in the face with her
Will: fist
Bill: she got busted sellin dope through the
Will: mail
Bill: so i had to blow her out of a memphis
Will: jail
Bill: I'm no explosives 
Will: expert
Bill: the really loud noise only made my ears really
Will: hurt
Bill: she'll be up for parole in 2000 and
Will: 3
Bill: I'm a lucky man cuz i know she knows where to 
Will: find me
(Bill: Take me back to
Will: hubcap city)-repeat 3 times

verse: as many words concerning being depressed that begin with the letter s as possible. prechorus: "but then I saw the picture you left for me and suddenly" chorus: "in my own christian way I wanna fuck your brains out in my own christian way I am ready to serve." "Some Things" I haunt the streets of tennessee town lost in a memory, they didn't have to fear me, I could follow the commands of the ringmaster. But the drifter was drunk his prod too painful he got what he deserved, courtesy of my five tongues, brains that were splattered. the governor was shocked, he called out the guard, the ringmaster was certain that a season of shows would be cancelled and he couldn't afford financial disaster chorus: (I'm crazy and I'm not finished yet there's some things the dead can never forgive and there's some things the dead can never forget) I haunt the streets of a Tennessee town remembering better days, when the smell of popcorn and the sound of laughing children filled my ears I could stand on one leg, I could waltz to the band, I was three inches taller than Jumbo I was an elephant with a promising circus career Career! career! (chorus) I haunt the streets of a Tennesse town reliving the day I died. Three thousand stood and cheered and laughed as the ringmaster wrapped a noose and chain around my neck the crowd sang songs as the crane lifted me up high high high above the circus boxcars they let me dangle til i gave out my last breath they buried my body by the railroad tracks now i wait for my chance to get even with the sons and the daughters of the men and the women who were so entertained by my hanging until i do i assure ya my soul will never rest never rest never rest (chorus) "Action!" Shoot me one more time like sabotage at the roller rink in the big hairdo on the bathroom floor with the black turtleneck and every time i close my eyes i see you and you and you the cameraman wants me dead cuz my b roll sucks and i missed the tight head shot of the girl with the crayon set posing by the palm tree i'll never forget corse: (wash? and me we're desperate lean your head back against the wall i'm gonna beat your ex-boyfriend up a lousy pool player with a rock star STALL!) I say there's no christmas lights cuz the sun went down the pink lame would make a perfect shroud to bury me in when i get this way i'm such a mess all i can say is (corse) stay on target red leader stand by action! "Debby Says" You're always so imperfect but there's never ever ever enough for me to be the frontman and criticize i just can't seem to get inside tony toni's a virgin and he's gettin poked hard that's why i'm speaking up you'll laugh at anybody's pain somebody please tell me what song to sing cuz there's no set list and i'm freakin out you'll laugh at anybody's pain corse: (don't tell me will: big man don't tell me will: ? cuz i'm an expert will: on a shipwreck and i live in a flophouse will: by the ballpark) thank ya thank ya for asking me for the one thing the one thing that i could give my guitar's name is faith in me (corse) (repeat first verse) "The Man Who Never Forgets" You're a heavyweight gluestick stapled to my shoulderblade you're so inescapable like a tattoo on my brain corse: (God it sucks being the ex-girlfriend of the man who remembers everything I can never escape cuz you're there everywhere reminding me of what i said you're 7 foot four 800 pounds you're always around bringing me down) like an undertow in a bowl of soup or carson daly walking around in a seersucker suit you upset my flow like birth control (corse) there is nothing that you forget despite the booze and the darvacet it's always want want want want want need need need you talk real tough but you're lost without me "Reservoir" I think she's starting to suspect that you and me are up to somethin dirty sure we are so i'm sorry i don't give a flying fuck anymore you're the only one who ever always hung around me remember the late nights after i got paid we walked home through the dark streets of chinatown you were always right there by my side ready to mess with any son of a bitch who tried to mess us around it's my turn to make sure nobody messes with us now corse: (i'll take her down to the reservoir we'll bury the bones back where the sunflowers grow and i'll stroke your neck til the whistle blows that's how we'll know it's time to go) after the wreck i took ya to the hospital they pasted and clamped the broken pieces back together i wondered if things would ever always be the same again between us i didn't find out hell yes until 7 days later after one cool night we'll be together again forever (corse) even though your neck is cracked even though your action is way too high even though you're so strung out even though you make me fret such strange chords (chorse) "Vital Pimp Flash" no more motorcycle for me since your plastic hip and your metal knee i keep my eyes open for the new moon when you're a horny bastard in a chat room there's a big dam roach hiding in your kitchen that big damn roach has got me thinking i'm a tennis star with voices in my head you're an ex-con who hates the grateful dead your'e an ex-con who hates the grateful dead you're an ex-con who hates the grateful dead i took some pills and you called me back you're so sweet i'd the corn out of your crap my bike is rusting and your bong is broken we're leaving for ohio on the next thing smoking their vital pimp flash will never blind us their vital pimp flash will never blind us their vital pimp flash will never blind us
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