<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Hubcap City Official Discography</TITLE> <STYLE type="text/css"> p {font-family:verdana,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 12px;color:black;} A{font-family: verdana,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 12px; color:993333;text-decoration: none;} A:hover {COLOR:993333;background-color:993333;font-size:12px;} </style> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="white" topmargin=10 leftmargin=10> <TABLE align=center WIDTH=504 BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=0 CELLSPACING=0> <TR> <tr><td COLSPAN=2 VALIGN=middle bgcolor="#D5D1D7" HEIGHT=30> <p align=center><a href="./releases.html">Releases</a> | <a href="./bands.html">HIG Bands</a> | <a href="./index.html">News</a> | <a href="./contact.html">Contact</a></td> </tr> <tr><td valign=top bgcolor=white> <P> 2001<BR> <P>EP #1. <BR> <BR> 1. Day Job <BR> 2. My Punk Ass <BR> 3. Paul's Boot <BR> 4. My Wasted Friends <BR> 5. Weegee <BR> Recorded at Railroad Earth studios. Bill takes pictures of whatever interesting things he sees with his instant camera and turns them into album covers. Each album cover is always slightly different.<BR> Released independently by Hubcap City<BR><BR> 2002<BR> <img src="./images/hubcapcitylogo.jpg"> <p>Live: 2001-2002<BR> <BR> 1. Action!<BR> 2. Breakfast at Taxi Driver's<BR> 3. The man Who Never Forgets<BR> 4. Hubcap City<BR> 5. Paul's Boot<BR> 6. Reservoir<BR> 7. Some Things<BR> 8. Stomp/Atomic Fireball<BR> 9. Faulkner's Typewriter<BR> 10. Debby<BR> 11. Vital Pimp Flash<BR> 12. Ready to Serve<BR> 13. Rahab<BR> 14. Jack Henry<BR> 15. The Top of the Hill<BR> 16. Sandbox<BR> 17. Beautiful and Fucked Up<BR> <BR> Tracks 1-8 recorded at WREK radio on 11/13/01 and archived by Noah Britton, with help from John Walker Ledbetter.<BR> Tracks 9 and 12 recorded outside at Railroad Earth Studios 5/19/01 by Noah Britton.<BR> Track 10 recorded at Eyedrum 3/10/01 by Jeff Rackley. It is also on Live at Eyedrum Volume 3 which is available at http://www.eyedrum.org. Used by permission.<BR> Track 11 recorded 12/30/01 at The Earl by Noah Britton.<BR> Tracks 13-17 recorded 8/02/02 at Earthshaking Music by Noah Britton.<BR> HIG 004. See releases section for more info.<BR><BR> EP #2<BR> 1. Reservoir<BR> 2. Breakfast at Taxi Driver's<BR> 3. Action<BR> 4. Atomic Fireball<BR> 5. Hubcap City<BR> <BR>Recorded by Neil Fried at Railroad Earth Studios. As with the previous 5 song EP, Hubcap City uses different covers for almost every copy distributed. This studio record is wildly different from not only the previous studio record, but also the live versions of those songs available on the 2001-2002 live album. For example, "Action" uses a cornet on top of the guitar and drums. And, "Reservoir" is the most well-produced Hubcap City recording ever.<BR> Released independently by Hubcap City.<BR> <BR>2004<BR><BR> EP #3<BR> 1. Jack Henry<BR> 2. Kiss Me, Arturo<BR> 3. Left Eye Went the Wrong Way<BR> 4. Sandbox<BR> 5. Car Hair on Rockabilly Dress<BR> 6. Slug Party<BR> 7. Door<BR> Recorded by Bill Taft on MiniDisc recorder in several places.<BR> Released independently by Hubcap City (From Belgium)<BR> <BR>More Songs For Dead Children:<BR> <P>1. Will's 4-Track<BR> 2. Damaged<BR> 3. Fried<BR> 4. Hold On<BR> 5. Slough of Despond<BR> 6. Court<BR> 7. Dumped<BR> 8. Sassy Magazine Record Review #2: Dear Madonna<BR> 9. One-Eyed Rapists Attack<BR> 10. Unfinished Film Festival Song<BR> 11. <a href="http://www.editionmanifold.com/hubcap.mp3">Beautiful and Fucked Up</a><BR><BR> Released independently by Hubcap City (From Belgium).<BR> "HC (FB) is W.W.F.; M.H.P., and W.W.T. Jr.<BR> Cymbal crashes on track 8 by Noah Britton."<BR> <BR>Super local 13:<BR> <P>1. staircase<BR> 2. Hurrah Hurrah<BR> 3. U Don't Know Me Stomp<BR> 4. message received 234 am thursday<BR> 5. guest of honor<BR> 6. five slugs more party minutes<BR> 7. 7 zebra heads 2 plastic skulls<BR> 8. yippie yeah yeah<BR> 9. message received 251 am thursday<BR> 10. Preacher<BR> 11. Blackout<BR> 12. Ham on Rye<BR> 13. Snarl Baby Snarl<BR> </P> <P>All of the above recordings are available by trade ONLY. Recordings of Bill's bands are preferred means of trade, but anything worthwhile is acceptable. EPs 1 and 2, and Live: 2001-2002 all written and performed by Hubcap City, which consisted of Bill Taft and Will Fratesi. EP #3, More Songs for Dead Children, and Super Local 13 written and performed by Hubcap City (From Belgium), which consists of Bill Taft, Will Fratesi, Matthew Proctor, and Terry Boling.<BR> For information on trades, contact higrecords@hotmail.com.<BR> </P> <P><B>Additional Discography</B><BR> (None of these is available through this website. They are or were available for sale through the band or other dealers. Only included for the sake of completeness)<BR> <BR> * Deerhunter/Hubcap_City_Split 7" (2006, Rob's House Records)<BR><BR> 1. Hubcap City - Mad House<BR> 2. Deerhunter - Grayscale<BR><BR> * Five More Minutes b/w Sally 7" (2006, Ponce de Leon Records)<BR> <BR> 1. Five More Minutes<BR> 2. Sally<BR> <BR> * Superlocalhellfreakride CD (2007, Xeric 112)<BR> <BR> 1. Get Rid of Now<BR> 2. Unexpected Guest<BR> 3. Ring Around the Rosie<BR> 4. Wind Blowing on a Sick Man<BR> 5. Deer Hunting<BR> 6. Sticks in the Graveyard<BR> 7. Valley of Bones<BR> 8. No Return<BR> 9. When the President Sez<BR> 10. Bottle of Rum<BR> 11. He Brings the Hatchet in the Evening<BR> 12. Rahab<BR> 13. Boxcar Gamelan<BR> 14. Guy on Street<BR> 15. Hippest Trick<BR> 16. More Guy on Street<BR> 17. Arabella Sabotage<BR> 18. The Anti-Christ is Alive...<BR> <BR> </td></tr> </tr></table> </BODY> </HTML>