H.I.G. Records
10 Years Down the Drain

In honor of our 10th anniversary, HIG Records is retiring.
All of the bands that were ever on the label have broken up or only perform very rarely, except for ACLU Benefit.

You can find half of his albums on his Bandcamp page.

The Best Thing Ever's Bathroom Tour is now available for free, in its entirety, on Youtube.
The band will continue to perform occasionally, and screen The Surprise Tour every April 1 in a different state.
Check their Livejournal for updates, and their complete list of shows will remain up as a historical document,
as will Hubcap City's discography and lyrics pages.

Thanks to Neon Vomit, Suckling Pigs, Bike Punx, Hip Hip Hooray, Hubcap Pretty, No Courage, The Love Drunks, Gayzilla, and, most of all, web designer Reid Hitt, for being a part of this thing.

If you feel strongly compelled to buy any of the out-of-print albums by any of these bands, please get in touch at higrecords@hotmail.com. Bye forever.